Testimonials ❤️

I have eight of these and love everyone one of them. They decorate my office and my home. They make great gifts, especially to those who work with children! 😊❤️❤️❤️

I received my Dudes Pant Planters and I was shocked by the design and the very real appearance that Gabriela gives to each of her designs, they are unique and give a touch to my home totally different!! Thanks Gabriela I loved them!! I highly recommend this great person and these beautiful decorations for your home!

I have a family of four little dudes. Love, love, love them all. I get so many compliments on my children. Perfect example of children should be seen and not heard. 🤣🤣

I own two of them and I love them. The creators of this adorable craft are so talented and are wonderful people. Very helpful when trying to pick that special dude !

I purchased a special planter for my father for fathers day. From start to finish Dudes Pant Planters has been absolutely amazing! As a fellow small business owner- Dudes is a 5 star company without a doubt!!! My father absolutely fell in love with his personalized piece ~ thank you kindly for making Father’s Day a little more special this year ❤️ can’t wait to place another order!!!

I love these. I have one... want more. So cute...they just make me smile

One of the most creative ideas I have seen. I have purchased three of these Pant Planters at Larac Arts Festival in Glens Falls NY. Look forward to seeing what new ideas they come up with next. Well made and would make a wonderful gift for anyone.