Does my “Dude” come with the plant?

No, we cannot ship a live plan. But it will come with an empty container so you can put your own plant in it.


Free shipping, really?

Yes, all the “Dudes” on this site, have the shipping in the US included on the final price (Excluding Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico). If you would like us to ship it overseas please contact us to find out the rates.


Can  I use my “Dude” for things other than a planter?

Yes!! Your “dude” can be a planter, of course, but it can also be a toilet paper holder, or a candy holder, or he can act as a TV remote container, or pencil container, so many ideas!


Can I have a “Dude” done with my kids clothing?

Yes!, we love doing special orders. We can use sizes from baby to 3 years old. Please contact us if you have any questions and for the address to ship them.


Are “The Dudes” Pant-Planters clothes and shoes new?

No, we pride ourselves on using only recycled materials. Even the wooden legs are done with repurposed wood.


I like a dude on the web but I want to change the belt. Can this be done?

Yes!, no problem. If you want to change the color, or if you  are a fan of a certain team, or if you want something special, please let us know. We might be able to create a personalized dude just for you!


What happens when I water the plant in my “Dude”?

Each “Dude” comes with a removable plate inside that will hold the water when you water your plants, so your “dude” won’t look like it had an “accident” :)  Removing the plant and watering it outside is recommended, so less water will get in the plate.


Can my “Dude” be outside?

If your “Dude” is going to be under the sun and the rain we highly recommend to spray it once a year with a fabric protector, like Scotchgard or similar.


Where are “The Dudes” Pant-Planters made?

They are all hand crafted in Akron, OH. USA