About us

We, Gabriela & Rodrigo Diaz Capt, are both graphic designers originally from Argentina. We came to the United States in 2001. We have two boys: Ivan & Emiliano.

The idea came to me when I was folding up one of my outgrown toddler’s little jeans.

“I have to do something with this…, it’s so cute!”

I held the little jeans and put some flowers on them. With my husband, Rodrigo, we started working on a design that would allow the jeans to stand properly and hold a plant at the same time. And that’s how we created “The Dudes Pant Planters”.

As we became more experienced with the structures and materials, we were able to come up with many variations and different positions.

This allowed us to combine endless possibilities making each of “The Dudes Pant Planters” a unique and special piece with its own character.

The slogan “Made in the USA by Argentine Hands” is an everyday reminder were we came from, and the love we feel for our new home.